About The STA

Since its inception in Chicago in 1927, The Society of Typographic Arts has been a vital participant in the Chicago design community, sponsoring seminars and conferences, and developing publications, including Trademarks USA (1964), Fifty Years of Graphic Design in Chicago (1977), Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy (1987), and ZYX: 26 Poetic Portraits (1989). For a brief time in the late 1980s, STA became the American Center for Design.

In 1990, the STA reorganized with a renewed commitment to design in Chicago. Today, it serves as the driving force in Chicago design, presenting a diverse schedule of events, sponsoring the annual Archive competition, and hosting the Chicago Design Archive, a collection of significant work from the city.

STA membership is open to any professional individual interested in, or associated with, graphic design or visual communication activities; or any student associated with a graphic design or visual communication discipline who lives and works in the Chicagoland area and expresses an interest in STA objectives and purposes. To find out more about becoming a member, please visit our website.

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