About the Archive

Serving the entire community of Chicago designers since 2002, the Chicago Design Archive provides the one permanent, online record of excellent design created by local professionals from the late 19th century to the present. The major goal of the Chicago Design Archive is to provide a means for those practicing in the Chicago area, independent of professional affiliation, to have their best work permanently preserved and made accessible to a worldwide audience.

Independent Chicago designers and members of Chicago's professional design organizations, the American Institute of Graphic Arts—Chicago (AIGA) and the Society of Typographic Arts (STA)are encouraged to participate in the continuing effort to collect the best of Chicago design.

There are currently over 2,000 examples of significant work created by more than 1,000 Chicago designers from approximately 300 firms in the collection. Nearly 100 design firms have had their work selected for inclusion in the permanent collection during the past few years alone. So, the archive is not merely a static collection of historically important design, but also a living, growing record of the vibrant Chicago design scene.

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